Following Heather’s training in Rehabilitation Services, she studied Swedish massage – the most widely practiced type of massage – and has been working in a variety of health settings in massagecommunities in Alberta and BC.

Styles of massage currently offered include:

  • relaxation of the entire body through soft, long, kneading strokes, on topmost layers of muscles and a gentle form of lymphatic drainage
  • deep tissue varieties such as myofascial release, acupressure/trigger points via applying more pressure to reach deeper levels of muscle
  • release restrictions in your ability to move with gentle and effective Trager movement therapy or Chinese Medical Massage known as Tui Na

Each session is a synergistic blend of these styles to best suit you, your body and your situation. 

Get the most from your massage by focusing on being consciously relaxed – arrive a few minutes early to decompress, practice deep breathing, allow yourself to be present during your treatment and be sure to communicate back to Heather so you get the treatment you need.

Heather’s 32 years of experience deepen her respect for each body, and fascination in its ability to heal. She has taught techniques at several colleges. Heather is comfortable and competent in working with children, seniors, athletes, or those just needing to relax.

Services & Prices:

  • 1 hour including aromatherapy $110
  • 75 minutes reflexology combo $130
  • 30 minutes $60
  • 75 minutes hot stone $140