Heather Fischbuch


Owner and Chief Therapist

-Rehabilitation Practitioner
-Registered Massage therapist and instructor
-Registered Aromatherapist and Herbalist
-Registered Acupuncturist
-Permaculture Design Certificate Member


Heather brings her ‘whole” self to engage with her clients. She is s a confident, glowing and
relaxed professional therapist who models an integrated whole health approach through
traditional Chinese medicine, healing through her adventures in nature, through growing and
preparing nutritious meals that she shares with family and friends. Heather lives with an
infectious spirit of abundance that radiates over and expands the well-being of each of her
clients. Her strong, confident centre inspires those around her to live their best life.


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Heather comes from a lineage of medicine making women; one of her grandmother of French
traditions utilizing the topicals and aromatics, and one grandmother of German stock using
tinctures, teas, and moon phases to address all manner of ills. She was ranch raised in Piikani
Blackfoot territory along the eastern slopes of the Alberta Rocky Mountains. Thanks to her
grandmothers for teaching her about Wildcrafting native plants to make medicine or food.
Heather continues this today and offers courses in it as well.

Through research and learning she has expanded her plant knowledge from the rocky mountain
species of her youth, to the boreal forest of northern Alberta, to the Kootenay Purcell Mtns &
Columbia Valley, to the rainforests of Vancouver Island. Along this journey, she completed a 10
year science project with renowned Alberta herbalists and the department of Alberta

The study promoted native plant species as an economically viable crop alternative,
with the soil building and healing capacities of these plants included. This project included
developing and operating a distillation of essential oils cooperative in which over 50 native plant

species were grown or wild harvested, distilled, packaged and sold on world and local markets.
Heather has presented at the world Aromatherapy Conference.

The ancient art and science of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine further expanded her herbology knowledge. She believes that “we don’t have an illness or disease problem, we have a nutrition opportunity”. This has led to Heather creating a sustainable health process that incorporates nutrition along with nature and she prescribes for both:

  • People Care: to build community and enhance resilience
  • Nature Care: a Nature Prescription for over 30 mental and physical health afflictions.

These range from depression and anxiety, to chronic pain, ADHD, and all inflammatory conditions including IDB. The results are well documented health improvements across the board.

Heather also has a network of professionals for referral to if her clients seek other holistic options that she is not able to provide.

Happy Customers

“Reflexology. So far, I have had two treatments of reflexology; a third treatment is booked. It is most effective! This spring I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot which led to some tendonitis in my right calve from overuse. The first treatment of reflexology enabled me to walk with a more national gait. Up to then, walking was very difficult and painful. Pain was downgraded from this one session. The second session left my feet, ankles and calves feeling so relaxed and light. Good thing they were attached to my body, otherwise they might of floated away; my feet felt that good. Thank you, Heather. You have magic in your hands. I look forward to my third appointment.”

Laura Charette

Energy, better sleep and quality of Life
“In the fall of 2020 I was fortunate to find Heather Fischbuch at Flourishing Health For All. I was suffering with colitis, losing weight and feeling very weak. Visits to three different medical professionals had not improved my condition. Heather suggested acupuncture, and several dietary changes along with herbs for sleep and building my blood. There are no words to really explain how grateful I am and how much she helped me recover. Having energy, better sleep and a better quality of life is priceless. Thank you Heather.”

Best, Ruth