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Invitation to a Pilot of a new course:

Snooze Solutions: Sleep Empowerment for Menopausal Women

Sleep is a pillar of good health and often during the phase of our life known as perimenopause or actual menopause, hot flashes, hormonal changes affect our sleep volume and quality. This leads to brain fog, fatigue, lack of motivation or energy needed
to carry through on activities of daily life. These in turn may lead to poor diet choices or decreased resilience. Loss of sleep can become a slippery slope to less than desirable health. I aim to address that!

I help stressed menopausal women achieve better sleep, through my course, so that they can regain a sense of balance, vitality, and overall well-being, during this transformative phase of life.

By building sleep quality and quantity with tools of: lifestyle, diet therapy, aromatherapy, behavior therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupressure, you will rest better and be able to better support your energy and health. This is the first time I am offering this course therefore I will be asking for feedback to fine tune it for future offerings. In the future sessions of this course price will be $497
for a 5 week course. During this pilot version, the price of the course is only $197. As it is a pilot numbers will be kept to only 12 individuals to give lots of time for personalized attention to each participant. The first 12 people who sign up can address their sleep and upon completing the course feel revitalized, with many new tools to aid them in achieving better quality of sleep.

The course will be delivered via 4 weekly 1 hour zoom meetings, with action steps to be taken during the week. Sessions will be recorded in case a participant has to miss one. Worksheet or action steps will be expected to be done between sessions. Following
the 4 weeks, a one to one coaching call with instructor of the course will address any personal challenges needing support to lead you to better sleep quality and quantity.