Intro to Aromatherapy

Intro to Aromatherapy Webinar!



Did you ever wonder why some oils work great for your friend and not for you? The answer lies
in our nervous system. We may be equal, yet are not the same. Our bodies react differently
with our unique makes ups.

I learned this the hard way when a massage therapy client of mine brought me some lovely
Rosemary essential oil to use on her sore muscles. For her it was a balm, that soothed the
ache, for me it was adrenaline for the duration of her massage, followed by a big urge to sleep
as the adrenaline wore off. I hardly had the energy to drive home following that appointment!
I studied under the teacher of aromatherapy that could answer why that happened to me
consistently with the lovely essential oil of Rosemary and a few others.

I have learned to ask the right questions to know which oils to use for some and avoid for
others. Also important is to know which oils impact the body immediately and which are slower
and longer acting. I want to share that knowledge with you through this video on line course. I
promise it will make blending essential oils easier and more effective to address your individual
bodies needs to find balance and relief.

Course includes video how to instruction, oil categorization chart and a hand out of blending
recipes for common ailments.

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