The picture above is from one of my favourite fall activities. Kayaking on our local and world class wetland, with friends and a picnic.  It is refreshing and renewing in that it strengthens my friend bonds, quiets my mind and nurtures my soul with large doses of nature with the birds, amphibians, fish, plants and insects that reside there.  Like the wetlands with all those components, there are so many facets to health care too.  Recreation and self care  are important contributors to health body, mind and spirit!  

This September many of you may be breathing a deep breath after the hectic pace of summer in a tourist town, or others of you  are gearing up for an increased  pace of fall with school or new projects.  What ever the pace I encourage you to address your health with a big dose of self care in the way or modality that suits you best.  

I would like to remind you that my services are available to all ages, so if you have a school aged person in your household that needs health support I invite you to bring them to Flourishing  Health clinic.  I have treated a number of children  and teens with issues such as digestive problems, headaches, insomnia, and anxiety.  Parent or guardian are welcome to sit in during the treatment to make it most comfortable for the students. 

Teachers also have a soft spot to land for an hour or two per month in my clinic to support their busy careers with the tools of massage, acupuncture, diet therapy and aromatherapy.  Also I am now able to direct bill Blue Cross for any in the school district or others that have that insurance provider.  

As always seniors are also most welcome.  Some of the issues I have recently done a deep dive of research on is treating arthritis and degenerative disc  disease, having had a brush with those myself.  The good news is that acupuncture and TCM are great options for the management of these challenges. 

Does the above picture make your mouth water? 

Tis the season to make energy balls! If this sounds appealing, mark your calendar and sign  up via my website if you’d  like to  learn a great low sugar, high nutrient snack option.  Recipes and samples will go home with participants.   Details are : Energy Ball making workshop Sept 21 – 7- 8:30 PM  at 503, 7 Ave ( my office) . 
All ingredients provided.  Cost is  $30. register by Sept 19 on website-  book now – workshop buttons.


Other fall workshops I am happy to give you  an invite to are:

Oct 21, 22, 23 Flip Your Switch –  facilitated by a dear mentor & friend of mine, and famous author, Suze Casey.  This workshop and skills learned in it were instrumental in supporting me through going back to school in my  50’s .  It is great for all stages and ages and a special rate through this referral is available to you by using code : 223F4   More info on the course, or to sign up for it at:

Oct 19 or 26 at Mountain Home Yoga – Yin and Pin with a combo of a sweet yin yoga class followed by a relaxing acupuncture and guided meditation combo.  Watch Mountain Home Yoga schedule to sign up for this.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see many of you this fall.

Heather Fischbuch