What do I want to be “KNOWN FOR”? 

This question was asked of me by a marketer recently. Pondering it lead me down a few paths, until I had the summer joy of sharing my love of plants and the history of where that came from, with a dear friend seen in the above picture. This delightful way to spend a summer morning made me want to answer the above question with the title of “Rose petal picker EXTRAORDINAIRE”, along with teacher of nature, medicine maker, lover of life,  and of course supporter of Health that Flourishes.   

  All four seasons have their magic and beauty however my dreams and day dreams are usually set in fair weather, with spring flowers and warm breezes.  Perhaps this is a simple craving after a really cool spring, or some peculiarity of mental health, or that I ate watermelon before bed…
Which ever of these it may be I am  and living this new title I bestow upon myself  by sharing a favourite rose patch with a friend who was curious about what to do with them and how they could be medicinal. It is that season of my dreams  and I celebrate it by making anything and everything I can think of with rose petals. Rose petal tea, rose infused honey, rose tincture or cordial , or even rose salad dressings will be made and available in the coming months at Flourishing Health clinic. Another favourite way to enjoy rose is through aromatherapy.  
Aromatically Roses are the highest vibration of essential oils and they are chemically very complex and treat a myriad of disharmonies in the body and dare I say the world.  We give roses as gifts. The smell of them may remind you of a time or event or even special person in your life. Such is the case for me. They literally are heart warming and stress reducing. 
 My petite French grandma grew roses and made rosehip syrup and tea which was loaded with vitamin C and other antioxidants. One year she gathered as many of her grand children as possible for a special rose event.  She gave each of us a pair of garden gloves and a bucket or bag and we set off on my parent’s farm for a blissful morning of gathering Wild Rose petals. This special event was filled with much frolicking, wild flowers in our hair, picking and eating contests and eventually about 5 gallons of the delicate pink petals were gathered. 
From these fragile pink gems she coaxed the best wine I have in my life tasted. It transported me back to that early June day of sunshine, family and roses, with a taste that entered through taste buds and curled to every cell in a domino wave of delight. As this event happened when I was only 10 years of age one could ask – What did I know about wine yet again the complex aromatherapy chemistry of wild rose?  
The wine was doled in small portion at weddings, funerals, and family gatherings for a few years following the grand day and my original assumption of its magnificence grew with each sip through those years’ special events. 
A few years ago, I inherited my grandmother’s wine recipe  books, and will someday make rose petal wine. Until then I invite you to pick a few and sprinkle them on your granola, your salad, your dessert, your life, and cherish the joy with the grand energy of springing into summer they carry. 
I also have rose essential oil and can custom blend a perfume including it if you desire. An aromatherapy consultation complete with blend in lotion or perfume format is available at Flourishing Health in Invermere. I am a  Registered Aromatherapist, and rose petal picker extraordinaire, which some days is more special to me than all the other letters behind my name.  

Foraging 101 coming up on June 29th – register at Invermere College of the Rockies!
Summer Solstice is always such a special time of the year.  Spring has blossomed into summer with a profusion of flowers blooming simultaneously this year, making it a great year to host a foraging class and learn about the flavours and benefits of some of these native or introduced plants.
To register for an upcoming walk and talk full of flowers, trees and perhaps even mushrooms, click here:

Summer Hours: Flourishing Health Clinic will be open all summer  to support your health and help it flourish through this busy and fun filled season. 
Currently hours of operation are Monday Tuesday and Wednesday 12- 7, and Thursday 9-3.  Bookings can be made on line at our website – https://flourishinghealth.ca/.

I look forward to seeing you soon.  Blue Cross and many other insurance plans cover Acupuncture.  Use your benefits to benefit your health.
Healthy Regards

Heather Fischbuch 
RAc , RMT(Ab) RA, RP