Each of you may answer that with your unique recipe for fun, nutrition, exercise and all the other components for a healthy life.  It is an important question that many of us forget to ask ourselves and actually take the time to ponder, answer and perhaps even write down the answers to!  There is a well known study on goals that are written down are 90% more probable to be realized.  So go ahead and write down your health goals for the coming months.

The above picture was at a lovely scarecrow festival I had the pleasure of attending recently.  It was a day I felt like I was flourishing by having fun with friends, eating well, getting exercise, fresh air, taking vitamins or supplements to support my health and filling my wellness tank up.

This “full tank” definitely helped with handling stress, when later that day we had to be  resourceful, to get our towed car back from the neighbouring town!  We made a new friend along the way, and continued on a merry holiday.

The reason I encourage you to ask yourself “is your health tank full?” is that as we head into the cooler season it is a vital resource for our immunity. The more care we take of ourselves, the more natural immunity and resilience we will have for seasonal ailments – big or small.
In light of that I will be offering some courses to support you with the tools of  Reflexology, and  Guilt Free Winter/ Christmas snacks.

The Guilt Free Christmas Snacks held on Nov 29 6:30 -8:30 pm, will be in conjunction with  Groundswell,  cost $50/$55, including about $30 worth of take home snacks, to enjoy with your family or friends. Sign up for this session,  by signing up at:   https://groundswellnetwork.ca/events/

The second workshop of Reflexology  will be held on Nov 30th,  is a cozy shared health support, of a specific style of foot and hand massage.  This is best signed up for with a partner or friends willing to touch your feet!  It is an introductory level being taught, yet with practice can be most supportive to your health.  I frequently use it to lessen the discomfort of a cold or stuffy sinuses.  Cost of $50 per person will include a foot & hand chart for reference,  with aromatherapy  massage lotion provided.  Please bring a towel and wear loose fitting  pants that can be raised to the knees.   Sign up from my website at flourishinghealth.ca 

Back to those health goals… if you have unused insurance benefits including Acupuncture I invite you to support your health by using them before they expire at the end of ’22!  Book from the website  https://flourishinghealth.ca/

Thanks for reading, and hope to see many of you this fall and early winter.  

Heather Fischbuch