About Aromatherapyaromatherapy

Aromatherapy is concentrated herbal medicine using the inherent chemicals of the plants to impact the symptom and health. Using the essential oils from plants in specific combinations bacteria, viruses, and even parasites can be addressed.

Essential oils come from the buds, flowers, leaves or needles, bark, roots or resins of plants. These potent oils can be used in  a wide variety of ways, and ongoing training and recognition of their ability to tackle complex health issues is being realized. Heather has trained under several skilled Aromatherapists using the European Medical model of Aromatic Medicine which is used in numerous hospitals and clinics to reduce illness duration and address antibiotic resistance of some bacteria.

Flourishing Health founder – Heather has been a certified and practicing Aromatherapist for 20 years. She continues to learn and grow in this fascinating field and will be using it in her Traditional Chinese Medicine practice when that is available.

Heather has been a distiller of these potent essential oils for approx. 15 years and loves working with our lovely Western Canadian native plants to learn about the therapeutic chemistry of them. In doing what she fondly calls her 10-year science project, she worked with Alberta Agriculture and a number of like-minded plant folks to distill about 50 native forests, foothill and prairie plants which she presented to the world aromatherapy conference in 2002. 

Some of these products will be added to the website for sale or available at workshops in the future.



  • Aromatherapy consultation with take home blend for therapeutic use $50
  • Refill aromatherapy blend $25
  • Sun therapy & muscle rescue aromatherapy 60 ml $6 / 250 ml $25
  • Dead sea salt 250 ml $8 or 4 litre for $50


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