As the temperatures rise we breathe deeper and have our tastebuds tingling for green spring tonic foods.  Bring on the sprouts of broccoli, alfalfa, peas or sunflowers, piled high on a spinach & strawberry salad with some fresh squeezed lemon juice to add the important pungent sour flavour that will act like a tonic to tone up you liver.  In TCM spring is associated with the wood element, with the organs of  liver and gall bladder needing the pungent and sour flavour of these green foods and lemon juice to revitalize them after a winter of eating heavier foods. We have also brought in the all important liver cleansing  herbs of dandelion and milk thistle for those that need more support. This  diet and herbal allies will have you feeling energized to get out and enjoy the warming weather in what ever  activities appeals to your age and health.