In TCM we are taught how emotions affect various body parts. This may come as news to you, yet our language has many references to it such as: “they were so afraid they peed their pants” which translates to fear weakening the kidneys so much that urine could not be held.  

Anger weakens your liver

Grief weakens your lungs

Worry weakens your stomach 

Stress weakens your heart and brain

Fear weakens your kidney

Several times in the past week I have coached patients to stop watching the news as it triggers some of these emotions which in turn weaken their health and ability to heal. 
Check in with your emotions and know that you have choice how and what to allow into your space and another choice to choose or not to be triggered by it.  
I am not advocating being positive at all costs, yet healthy detachment, or choice of  what and volume of stimulus is within your control.  

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