As the autumn equinox is near I wanted to reach out with some fall news, and health tips to optimize the season for each past client of Flourishing Health that opts to read the newsletter.   

First big news that I am excited to announce is that “we” are expanding our hours and days available to meet the growing requests for our health supporting services.  That is not the royal “we”  I just used which is the second part of the news. 

Lanna Burgess was recently added the the Fllourishing Health team in order to offer more days and times options for acupuncture and massage services.  Lanna is a recent grad of both these disciplines.  Here is her bio:

Lanna grew up in the Columbia valley and always had an interest in a holistic approach to medicine. Upon travelling she experienced and gained a curiosity in eastern healthcare and became fascinated by the importance of ancient practises of medicine in modern times. She treats a wide variety of health concerns and specializes in sound healing, massage, cupping and facial acupuncture/gua sha. Lanna hopes she can provide every patient with a deeper understanding of their own unique health and vitality goals.

Like me (Heather) Lanna is most willing to offer a combo style treatment with some massage and some acupuncture, or each type of therapy individually.  Lanna will be writing her registration test for RMT in November so we are  looking forward to being able to offer insurance receipts for that in the not too distant future.  
Another new addition to our menu of services will be her offering of sound therapy which uses tuning forks vibrations on the acupuncture points rather than needles.  This can be booked as a stand alone therapy or included in a combo treatment.  

The bookings can still be made online from my website,  and you may choose the most convenient time or day,  or choice of therapist to work with. We will now have evening appointments 4 days per week – Monday – Thursday, to better serve all our hard working, day shift, folks. You may also opt into the waiting list option and will be notified when a spot becomes open if this appeals.  
We sincerely hope more options and availability is good news for you.

 I also wanted to invite you to my annual Intro To Aromatherapy Workshop.  Details of it are as follows. 

Introduction to Aromatherapy Blending
taught by Heather Fischbuch using the European Medical style, 
Date is Oct 13 6:30 – 9PM at 503, 7 Ave Invermere 
Cost is $100 +tax 
which includes supplies for 3 take home aromatherapy blends, valued at $60 
Limited to first 8 to register via

Fall recipe to support lung health
Honey walnut baked pears 
Choose 2 ripe pears , core and place on parchment paper cut side up. Mix 1/4 c crushed walnuts, 14/tsp of vanilla, 1/4 tsp of cinnamon or cardamon, pinch of salt  and 1/4 c honey.  Drizzle nut and honey mix over pears and bake for 20 min at 350 degrees.  Enjoy and know you are feeding your lungs foods to moisten and strengthen them.  

Healthy Regards,  
Heather Fischbuch RAc, RA,  RP, RMT(Ab) 
Lanna Burgess RAc