Speaking From the Heart…

February is often considered Heart month.  Perhaps this association is from marketers promoting gifting your loved ones with a Valentine’s Day cards or trinkets.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, however, the Heart is referred to as the Emperor or King. The other organs will give their energy to maintain the balance of the heart.   

This month I am very grateful for many new clients, and in particular one of them inspired me to do some extra reading on the heart and its health.  Thanks also to the clients who come in with kidney, or liver, or spleen issues too. Each month I will address another organ.   

Many have also shuffled in with what I commonly call the penguin walk with its accompanying sore back or sciatic pain and  I am getting a lot of practice at addressing these seasonal ice balancing muscles! There are so many ways that Acupuncture can aid in the balancing of the body via its organs, muscles, nerves or fascia.  Spread the word, please.  

Today, some info on the heart.

  •  Perspiration is the “fluid” of the Heart. Perspiration comes from body fluid, and the Heart controls bodily fluids. If you find you are perspiring excessively, it can signal a Qi or energy deficiency of the Heart. On the other hand, if you engage in activities that make you sweat too much, this can cause an energy deficiency of the Heart.
  • The tongue is the sense organ related to the Heart. The condition of the Heart can be seen by observing the tongue. The tongue will be a healthy red colour when this organ is in balance. If there is insufficient blood in the Heart, the tongue may appear pale. If there is blood stagnation, the tongue will reflect this with a dark purple colour. Cracks or lines down the centre of the tongue also indicate a potential Heart function issue.
  • The blood vessels are considered the “tissue” of the Heart. Because the face has many blood vessels, the complexion reveals insufficient blood, and an overly red face can signal excessive heat.
  • Bitter is the taste associated with the Heart. If you find yourself craving bitter foods your Heart may be asking for support. Foods beneficial for the Heart are coffee, plum tomatoes, broccoli and broccoli rabe.

Use these basic guidelines to listen to the body.  In the case of the Heart, if you constantly crave bitter foods, or have difficulty sleeping it may be a sign that your Heart function needs support. 

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