Hello, and here is hoping your autumn is rolling along nicely.  It seems winter always crowds autumn in our part of the world, with frost, snow and ice arriving before all the leaves have fallen.  Our acclimatization to the colder temperatures may not have happened, yet either. In this issue I will write about some of the diet, herb and the wonders of cupping, to aid you with the challenges of this season. 

In our grandparents, and countless generations before them, seasonal dietary changes were a common occurrence.  With the many world food varieties now available, we could eat watermelon, or pineapple year round! These tropical tasty foods may taste wonderful, yet not help us to acclimatize to the wind, and freezing temps of the season! Food has a temperature – not only when cooked but by its very nature! 

Chefs and Traditional Chinese Medicine have used this knowledge over the years to vary its flavours with the seasons or even to address a disorder or disease a person may have.  Think of chilli peppers vs watermelon, these are both foods that I bet anyone can guess whether they are heating or cooling to the body. Almost any food you can think of has been considered, studied and its temperature and nature determined. 

A few foods of the many, that are cold in nature are: banana, clam, grapefruit, and of course watermelon.  Some that are neutral temperatures are: beets, blackberries, eggs, grapes, and oats, along with many others.  Hot foods include: ginger, cayenne pepper, chilli peppers etc. 

Foods that are cooked long time on a low heat, are more warming that quickly cooked foods.  Think of the all day chilli or stew simmering, versus the quick stir fry.  Both can be very nutritious yet the long slow cooking is even more warming that any spices one can add.

Therefore, if you are chilled or wanting to feel warmer despite the wintery weather, spice your foods with hot spices, learn about the temperature and nature of foods from such great books as Paul Pitchford’s – Healing with Whole Foods, dust off the crock pot, or book a diet therapy session at Flourishing Health. 

If you have a dreaded seasonal cold, cough or even just feeling chilled I can aid in “releasing the exterior” which in Traditional Chinese Medicine language translates to “get rid of the aches that often accompany a cold”.  The stiff neck and upper back from being chilled, or coughing until your chest and diaphragm muscles are sore, can be relieved a little or a lot using the cupping technique known as fire cupping.  At Flourishing Health Clinic, we can also arrange for you to enjoy a far infra-red sauna located across the hall from my office in Fusion Wellness spa, 518, 13 Ave Invermere

Cheers with my cuppa steamy chai tea, filled with you guessed it, more of those yummy warming spices.    

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