This statement certainly rings true for me, does it for you? Change makes me think of the yin/yang relationships of traditional Chinese Medicine. The change of light flowing into dark, or dark into light, and especially the flow of the seasons. As I am a gardener, I constantly see the changing continuum of seed to plant, to food, to compost. All of these changes are natural and to be expected, yet many of us humans struggle with change. 

When change is sudden it is perhaps the most difficult to accept. An injury may impact your ability to live the life you were used to, by suddenly having less strength or mobility. These moments or even longer durations where we adapt, adjust or search for ways to recover from, the imposed “changes”, are nerve wracking and stressful. If this sounds familiar, I invite you to consider a new/old tool that is becoming increasingly understood and popular. This tool is acupuncture.  It has been used for thousands of years. Yes thousands, and by millions if not billions of people. It helps individuals cope with the stress of injuries, as well as the physical symptoms that cause pain and limitations. It treats body, mind and spirit simultaneously. Therefore, it addresses the angst or fear, or sadness as well as the reduced strength or mobility often associated with an injury.  It is even being used in some western hospital emergency rooms for its pain and stress reducing abilities, instead of opioid drugs!

Flourishing Health is my current business incarnation, and one of the changes it is experiencing is the transition from doing mostly massage to doing a combo of massage and acupuncture or acupuncture on its own.

Earlier this month I moved to what I intend to be a longer term home, within the comfortable space of Fusion Wellness Spa at 518, 13 St Invermere BC. The ambiance here is wonderful with soft lights, soothing music, fountains and fruity water or herbal tea offered in the lounge. The lounge is a nice stop while you wait for me to come greet you, where you can transition from the busy world to your treatment, or following your treatment before stepping back into the world. It is a place that allows change of pace with the of feeling less stress to encourage healing to happening. 

In my new treatment room, you will find the tools of my trade(s), with a large, possibly overflowing bookcase, with texts on herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and Aromatherapy. Plus massage lotions, massage tools made of jade or silicone cups are here to help. Next on the shelf are aromatherapy of 150 or so varieties of essential oils, as well as lots of Acupuncture needles. 

I pick and choose from these assorted tools to address musculo-skeletal injuries, headaches, or muscle, joint, tendon or ligament rehabilitation or more internal issues.  Did you know that Acupuncture is listed by the World Health Organization to effectively treat over 140 syndromes, symptoms or diseases?   

I invite you to review your outlook on change, whether it is imposed by pain or aging.  I also invite you to visit me at my new clinic space, to see if I can assist you in making positive changes for your health.