“Summer time and the living is easy”

Or so the song goes, for many of us that live and work in a tourist town summer is the busy season. It is filled with lots of work hours, and heavier demands due to  the holidaying numbers that share our beautiful part of the world. We may have the juggle of kids home from school, or family members visiting us while we are in this go- go season. The visits are lovely yet adds to our stress. 
Then as life is short, and we know it, we pack in as many fun activities as we can on our days off, with golf, hikes or bike rides, kayaking, or weddings, or reunions, or other summer joys! Striving to find balance can be a real challenge of the season. We may feel like we need a holiday from our days off, as well as our work during the next couple of months!
How do we find time to breath and not feel rushed or harried during the feast of work, fun events, with long days, and short nights of summer? 

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce and suggest you try a concept I learned about while doing hundreds of hours of clinic practicum  in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine School.  It is called an ACU- NAP . Yes it is very common for patients to have a nap while they are receiving acupuncture. The stress goes from high to low in the space of about 30 minutes while acupuncture needles are in. It works across the board  for young, old or everyone in between. Most clients nap, while receiving acupuncture, whether they are addressing headaches or digestive issues, insomnia or depression, and even pain issues. According to the World Health Organization, acupuncture is recognized to be an effective treatment for over 140 diseases or disorders of the human body.  

Have you tried it for your bodies symptoms?

I invite you to care for yourself during the busy summer months with the valuable addition of acupuncture knowing it is a great time and place to feel free to nap your way to better health. 

I offer receipts for acupuncture now, and am offering a special – evening appointment times are available, to match with busy schedules. Give me a call to 250-688-0033 or book from the website to slow your summer down, release the stress for awhile and enjoy an Acu-Nap to help your body, mind and soul through the summer “busy” season.

Cheerio, Heather 

Acu Nap Extraordinaire!