Reflexology is so Much more than a Foot rub!

Have you heard the term Reflexology and wondered what it meant?  Do you like foot rubs and think that Reflexology might be a good option for you?  Have you ever wondered why points in the hands and feet are so very sensitive?  Read on to get the answer to these questions and find out about another great style of massage available in Invermere BC.  

Thirty or so years ago, I was also curious about the style of massage named Reflexology.  I knew it had to do with massaging the feet, but have learned that it is much more than just a relaxing style of massage. Firm massage strokes and pressure are applied with the therapist’s hands to the feet and hands of the patient.   Reflexology may have spots of tenderness or even discomfort that will ease when worked with a variety of pressures applied.  These tender spots, are also known as reflex zones, and in some cases corresponding with points on the meridians of Acupuressure or Acupuncture.  Stimulation of the points can aid in relaxing the area and regaining good health through balancing the energy flow through the meridians.   

When a spot is very tender it may be at the site of an old injury, scar tissue or blocked energy flow, along a meridian.  By applying pressure in a variety of depths and intensities the blockage may be opened up and the pain lessens.  Think of this much like chipping away at a dam, or opening a gate which allows the flow to travel freely again, once opened.  If the blockage has been there for a long time, it will likely take more than one session to ease the discomfort, and regulate the flow to a comfortable rate.  These specialized foot massages may be included into a whole body massage or used on their own to address specific needs of the patient.  

Hand and ear massages are also a part of reflexology.  The three regions (feet, hands, ears) may be used separately or together to aid a person’s health.  Seeds or magnets may also be applied with tape to a select spot to continue the stimulation of a point after the time spent with the therapist is completed.  This is like ongoing homework to support that organ or system in it’s rebalancing.  

If you think this may be the massage style that would be beneficial for you, please consider Hand or Foot Reflexology when booking your next massage in the Columbia Valley.  Heather will be teaching an intro to Reflexology on Feb 14 and has been a therapist of if for 32 years.  If any are interested in this course please sign up with a friend by emailing 

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