diet therapyWhat is it?

Diet therapy is an essential part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with flavors, and temperatures, and even textures of foods all being considered for the constitution and symptoms of each patient. Learning which foods to avoid, as well ones to focus on in a diet may significantly and quickly improve one’s health.

TCM is a complete health system compromised of several methods with diet therapy being among them. This therapy considers the energetic qualities of the foods and how the food can influence the long term health of the individual.

This therapy is great for not only maintaining great health but also restoring ones health. Deficiencies and excesses can be corrected with foods and balance in your body can be restored. Since food is one of our primary sources of energy, it has a great potential to influence our health. 

Food provides a constant, daily medication rate that nothing else can achieve for overall wellness.

Diet Therapy Service

Individual counseling on this will be part of an initial consultation with follow-up sessions occasionally. 

Diet therapy sessions will be included as part of the price of an acupuncture or massage booking, or may be booked independently for $75 for a 45 minute initial consultation.

Follow up consultations are $40 for 30 minutes.