What is it?

Cupping therapy

is an ancient form of therapy which lifts the tissue into the cup with suction. This lifting action gently stretches and moves the facia which surrounds each muscle layer. This brings fresh circulation to the area to help reduce areas of adhesion, knots or soreness. It is also used to relieve the congestion of a cold or flu which is felt as body aches in the chest or upper back.You may have seen Olympic Athletes and others with the red marks or light bruises often caused by this type of therapy. Cupping therapy is widely practiced and can have great benefits to your overall health.

Many acupuncturists incorporate cupping into their every day practice as it is said to have the therapeutic effects of warming the meridians and invigorating the small vessels, enhancing qi movement and removing blood stasis, dissolving swell and stopping pain, expelling wind and cold pathogens.

How is it done?

At Flourish both glass and silicone cups may be used for various conditions.

Cupping is growing rapidly in popularity for the reason that it gets great results and is available in conjunction with a number of the modalities offered or on it’s own at Flourishing Health.

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