For the remainder of March we are available to serve your health care needs with massage and acupuncture 4 days and evenings per week.  Beginning in April, Mondays  from 4-7pm will be Acupuncture only appointments. Initial Assessments,  Combo or massage appointment will continue to be available all the other shifts in the week, yet  in these Monday acu only time slots, I’d like to encourage families or friends to experience the community acupuncture model for a budget conscious price. 

This is a great option if multiple family members all want to support their health with acu and simplify their schedule by all getting treated simultaneously.  This time is also open to friends or individuals who will all be in the shared quiet room that will have 3 treatment spaces being used, with a simple room divider giving you enough privacy to relax , yet the group energy of  a shared healing intention.  Patients are encouraged to come wearing short sleeve shirts and shorts to access the many powerful  acupuncture points on the arms and legs, and head.  It looks like the picture below of a comfy clinic one of my classmates operates in Ontario. 
Laura MacKinnon, a familiar Invermere yoga teacher, herbalist, with a  warm and welcoming  presence will be helping me out on these Monday evenings.   

We hope  that this will be a nice addition to our communities health supporting options and invite you to give it a try.  
We will also begin offering direct billing to insurance plans such as Pacific Blue cross and encourage all who have these benefits  for acupuncture to use them to benefit your health with these supportive treatments.  More insurance plans will be added to this list in the coming months.